“It is by going through the depths of despair that you achieve your destiny... This book will inspire you to carry on in a big, audacious, amazing way!”
— Sandra Yancey

Succeeding In Spite Of Everything is the latest book from Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, the premier women’s business network in North America. This much-anticipated book is full of rich insights, lessons learned and savvy moves that inspire and shake up old paradigms of success.

Succeeding In Spite Of Everything celebrates the brilliance and fortitude of a dynamic and diverse group of entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals. The book features NEW stories from...

Lisa Nichols, world-class speaker, star of the international phenomenon The Secret, and New York Times bestselling author of No Matter What!

Marcia Wieder, founder and CEO of Dream University and author of 14 books, including Making Your Dreams Come True®.

Lisa Sasevich, noted speaker, founder of a multi-million-dollar home-based business and author of the new bestseller, The Live Sassy Formula: Make Big Money and a Big Difference Doing What You Love!

Plus 35 more inspiring authors who share their courageous true stories of how they succeeded in spite of everything... and how you can, too!

About Sandra Yancey:

Sandra Yancey is an award-winning entrepreneur, international business owner, ABC radio show-host, author, movie producer, speaker and philanthropist who is dedicated to helping women achieve and succeed. She is the founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, the #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses in North America.

Sandra is the author of Relationship Networking: The Art of Turning Contacts Into Connections; and co-author, with Julie Ziglar Norman, of Mastering Moxie: From Contemplating to Creating Absolute Success. She is featured in Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul, which showcases some of the top entrepreneurs in North America.


In keeping with eWomenNetwork’s commitment to “lift as we climb,” many of the co-authors have contributed bonus gifts to help you overcome circumstances, push past perceived limitations and rise up to meet your destiny!

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FREE Gift from Sandra Yancey

Networking Secrets of the Super Successful

Gain access to an EXCLUSIVE new training and LIVE Q&A call with me on what I’ve learned from the super successful. I’m calling this session Networking Secrets of the Super Successful.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, 24 hours. No one gets one minute more or 30 seconds less. It begs the question, what is that some people do with their time that yields such incredible results while others sit in idle mode?

I’ve interviewed dozens of millionaires and billionaires and noticed some powerful themes in how they build relationships. I’ve implemented these on my own and the result? My business has soared! Now I’m going to share with you this formula for attracting a powerful network like a magnet so that you too can enjoy the access you need to explode your business.

If you know you have a million dollar business idea but aren’t generating this in revenue, you need to join me for this BRAND NEW training and LIVE Q&A call!

Value: $197.00



FREE Gift from Marcia Wieder

As Founder and CEO of Dream University Marcia Wieder travels the world - an ambassador for making dreams real. She's known for giving inspiring and moving talks to notable companies such as AT&T, The Gap and American Express. In addition to being a charismatic speaker, she's the renowned author of fourteen books dedicated to achieving your dreams. Appearing several times on Oprah and The Today Show, she's shared her message of a "passion-filled life" with millions of viewers.

Bonus Gift: Two Tickets to Marcia Wieder’s Create Your Future Now – One Day Live Workshop

How would your life change if you actually believed in your dreams and had the resources to accomplish them?

Discover what really matters to you and start making it happen NOW! You'll leave prepared to achieve your dreams, newly equipped with clarity, courage and the confidence to Make YOUR Dreams Come True.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Be successfully using a proven method for finding and accomplishing any dream.

  • Trust at a deeper level and therefore take greater risks.

  • Take control of your life, removing fear, doubt and other obstacles.

  • Leave in action with tools to sustain the choices and changes you've made.

  • Know your purpose and feel more passionate, alive and free.

VIP Tickets to Create Your Future Now – A $794 value



FREE Gift from Lisa Sasevich

Recently honored as one of America’s Top Women Mentoring Leaders by WoW Magazine, and recipient of the coveted eWomen Network Foundation Champion award for her generous fundraising, Lisa Sasevich, "The Queen of Sales Conversion," teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being “sales-y.”

Bonus #1: An EXCLUSIVE new training and LIVE Q&A call with me on Creating the Upward Spiral Effect in your business.

Learn my secret formula on how you can stock your business right from the start with highly committed, action-oriented clients who will get HUGE results doing your work and sing your praises for it!

If you’re not enjoying this kind of Business Nirvana now, you need to join me for this HOT NEW training and LIVE Q&A call!

Bonus #2: Take our Sassy 21-Day Challenge, which is your 21-day free pass to Planet Sassy. In just 21 days you'll be able to:

  • Tap into your Sassy mission

  • Create your Sassy mindset

  • And learn my Sassy strategies to be able to make big money and a big difference doing what you love

Value: $197.00



FREE Gift from Lisa Nichols

Learn How to Step into Your Unstoppable Powerful Divine Self, No Matter What

Join Lisa Nichols in taking the first step to becoming who you know deep inside, you1 truly are. Through six, action-packed webinars you will learn how to step into your unstoppable, powerful and divine self NO MATTER WHAT!

Value: $797.00



FREE Gift from Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Inspirational speaker, consultant, executive mentor, and award-winning theatre artist, Dr. Venus Opal Reese has consulted O Magazine and has been featured on ABC News, CBS News, PBS, in Glamour magazine, Diversity Inc. and the Associated Press.

Once upon a time, Venus was a walking statistic. She was living on the streets of Baltimore by the age of 16 amidst violence, drugs, and prostitution. The predictable outcome was welfare, addiction, and ultimately death. Amazingly, 14 years later she graduated with a 2nd Masters Degree and a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Dr. Venus knows what it takes to breakthrough inner glass ceilings that limit performance. She teaches purpose-driven high-achievers to defy their impossible to produce immediate, unprecedented, and lasting results.

Gift #1 "Designing Your Destiny: How Your Self-Worth defines Your Net-Worth" Special Report
Your relationship with yourself determines your destiny. How much is your relationship with yourself costing you? Find out in this shockingly revealing special report and quiz! (Value $47)

Gift #2 Complimentary Exclusive Subscription to the inspirational Defy Impossible eZine
This weekly ezine is brimming with inspiration, insights, and instruction! Receive free gifts, special offers, tips, tools, and other tasty delights that empower you to bask in self-worth glory! (Value $197)

Gift #3 The Opportunity to Apply for a Complimentary Self-Worth Guided Discovery Session with Dr. Venus!
Let's discover how I can empower YOU to fulfill your destiny.

Value: $678.00



FREE Gift from Alexis Neely

Transform credit from a means to consume into a resource to create -- and feel great about tapping into this little understood resource for creating the life and business of your dreams.

Traditional financial advice has you either afraid to use credit, or feeling shame and guilt about how you have used it in the past.

When you learn the art of fearlessly using credit, as taught by Truth-Telling Lawyer Alexis Neely, you will create a revenue stream to support you and your family for life.

Whether you've never used credit before, used it to excess or have already tapped into the credit system as a resource to create, join us.

Gift #1: A preview copy of "You Are Not Your Credit Score" Alexis Neely's forthcoming book on the 9 myths, lies and legends about credit and debt that are keeping you from living your dreams right now.

Gift #2: 60 Days of Eyes Wide Open Coaching. In this wildly popular program, access Alexis' direct guidance via a private Facebook forum and monthly coaching so you can have all of your legal, insurance, financial and tax questions answered by a lawyer you trust to guide your decisions.


FREE Gift from Dr. Emma Jean Thompson

Dr. Emma Jean Thompson is internationally esteemed as a speaker, #1 Bestselling author, motion picture producer and trusted advisor. She and her teams have been featured in various media including CNN, CSPAN, Time Magazine and USA Today with scheduled appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC and the Wall Street Journal.

As an end-time Prophet and Apostle of God and Jesus Christ, Dr. Emma Jean helps you profit and prosper. Through “Wisdom Truths” of the Holy Bible and documented success stories, Dr. Emma Jean shows you how to double your income, double your free time, enjoy happier relationships, be healthy, joyfully discover and fulfill your God-given purpose, and Make Room for Jesus™ in your everyday life.

Gift #1: “Wake Up and Greet the Morning With Joy” Encouragement Series 1 
This jam-packed multi-media treasure chest includes 3 audios, and 1 e-book transcription and is sure to help lift your burdens and inspire your spirit and soul.

Value: $237.00

Gift #2: Automatically entered into a drawing for Two (2) FREE Tickets to the “Wisdom Life” Live Event
Two randomly selected registrants and their guest will have the opportunity of a lifetime to attend this event. Learn how to hear God's messages, discover how God guides you and be enveloped in the nurturing caring presence of the Holy Spirit. Receive valuable training and tools to help fulfill your God-given purpose.

Value: $1,594.00



FREE Gift from Mary Kay Sheets

Living her core value of being in service first, Mary Kay Sheets has been a successful, award-winning entrepreneur for more than twenty-five years. As the founder of rethink inc., Mary Kay acts as a trusted strategic business advisor to passionate early stage entrepreneurs looking to build the functional framework necessary to operate and fund a sustainable, scalable and profitable business.

Your Secret Sequence MAP to Business Development
Have you ever wished you had a birds-eye view of all the elements needed to start and run a profitable business in the order is which you should do them. Use this simple navigational map to see what has been missed on your journey to creating a profitable business. 
Value: $19.97

Five – Ten Minute Exercises for Clarifying Your Business
If business owners would simply complete these five simple ten minute exercises their business life could be so much more profitable. Need I say more!
Value: $19.97

Four Week Webinar Series on Ways to Fund Your Business
In this four week webinar series Mary Kay shares what she has learned on traditional and non-traditional ways to fund your business and what steps you will need to take to prepare to for funding.
Value: $497.00



FREE Gift from Elizabeth McCormick

Soaring Further - Overcoming Unbelievable Obstacles

As a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot, Elizabeth McCormick had to overcome unbelievable obstacles:

  • from a recruiter not knowing how to do her paperwork

  • to a flight instructor who didn’t believe women should fly

  • having an un-planned pregnancy during flight school

  • being a single parent of an infant while finishing flight school

  • suffering physical and verbal abuse from another pilot at Elizabeth’s first duty assignment

Elizabeth is now a “Black Hawk Life Coach - taking you from where you are to where you want to be” and inspires you to overcome obstacles in your life.

Gift #1: Soaring 2 Success E-Workbook with links to FREE Audio training
Receive audio training to follow along with the FREE E-Workbook download to hear inspirational Blackhawk helicopter stories from Elizabeth and how these relate to Life challenges YOU CAN OVERCOME. Be inspired to follow your dreams and use the lessons from Elizabeth’s life to devise the strategies you need to succeed.
Value: $197.00

Gift #2: Complimentary Coaching Session
Ready to dive deep into your Flight to Success? For the first 10 to download the E-Workbook, you will be gifted a 30 minute personal coaching session. Experience amazing growth in your business or personal life through coaching with Elizabeth.
Value: $150.00



FREE Gift from Vasavi Kumar

When you know who you are, you can OWN who you are...

Vasavi Kumar, LMSW, MSEd, ACC is an expert in transforming the conversation you have with yourself. She believes that true success begins with knowing who you truly are. Period.

Four Gifts from Vasavi!

Gift #1: S.O.U.R.C.E of Your Success Ebook and Guided Audio Tutorial
We all define success differently. Regardless of what success means to you, the SOURCE of YOUR success is grounded in unchanging truths. This series will help you:

  • Understand the six elements of SOURCE and how to apply it to your life

  • Create a vision of who you are meant to be, and a step-by-step strategy of how to achieve it

  • Gain clarity of your life’s purpose, set goals and learn how to monetize your gifts

Gift #2: "Succeeding in Spite of Everything" Teleseminar
Vasavi is committed to keepin’ it real with you. In this telelseminar you will discover how you can Succeed....in Spite of Everything. You will be compelled to take action and be responsible for how you SHOW UP each and every day in your life.

Gift #3: Complimentary Coaching Session for the first 5 to register
Take the first step on a journey to a better you with a complimentary coaching session!

Gift #4: In this bonus video, Vasavi will share her story and how she turned her wounds into wisdom.

Value: $497.00



FREE Gift from Ali Swofford

Life From Meaningful to Significant

Ali Swofford, Ph.D., is a successful personal wealth advisor, columnist, television personality, and worldwide speaker. She is passionate about helping successful entrepreneurs, executives, and those nearing or in retirement avoid financial obstacles that can be planned for and creating viable alternatives when the unexpected occurs. She deals daily with Americans’ number one fear – running out of money – and provides strategies to not only overcome that fear, but also to maximize the potential of your assets.

Ali has put together five opportunities for you to focus in on your financial well-being.

Gift #1: Ali’s 10 Tips to Avoid Retirement Pitfalls Video - There is no “do-over” in retirement. Apply these important tips to your life today.

Gift #2: Subscription to Real Wealth Radio Podcasts - 30 minute weekly audio webinars on timely financial planning topics.

Gift #3: Monthly Economic Updates - Capsulized headlines and major events that impacted our economy during the previous month.

Gift #4: A Guide to 2012 Tax Law Changes and More - This overview will help you understand what’s new for 2012 and what key tax breaks left us in 2011.

Gift #5: Peace-of-Mind Checklist for your family - A simple tool for organizing the vital documents of your life.

Value: $395.00



FREE Gift from Dr. Michelle Robin

Find Vibrant Health! Engage, Energize and Enrich Your Life!

Dr. Michelle Robin is an expert at transforming the relationship you have with your own health and well-being. She is the founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Your Wellness Connection, one of the nation's leading integrative health centers. While Dr. Robin continues to see clients in her thriving practice, she also serves as a speaker, corporate wellness consultant, and author of three acclaimed books - the latest due out in late summer.

The E Factor Workshop
You already know the basics of good health. So why do you still struggle to reach your health goals, feel energized and have a balanced life?

Health and well-being are more than eating salads and exercising. Dr. Robin’s 3-part workshop addresses the three factors - engage, energize, enrich - that will move you forward to optimal well-being. In this 3-part webinar series you will:

  • Understand the 3 factors to vibrant health: engage a wellness lifestyle, energize 
    and enrich your life. 

  • Listen to your body with the Body Talk assessment to deepen the awareness you 
    have of your current well-being.

  • Identify wellness needs and goals with the Quadrant Wellness Assessment 
    (mechanical, chemical, energetic, spiritual) download.

  • Create a clear, achievable, balanced plan to jump start your journey to wellness!

This 3-part webinar series can be experienced through live 50 minute events, August 1, 8, 15 at 12:30pm Central, or recorded. Register now to receive more details.

Value: $450.00



FREE Gift from Carole M. Friesen

Your Body is Your Business… from the Bedroom to the Boardroom

Carole M Friesen is the leading expert in personal transformation and is in the business of empowerment. Carole charms with her unique blend of body language, face reading, wisdom and candid humour. 

Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World

Old unresolved emotional issues are like weeds; their roots grow strong and get entangled in fear, anger and self doubt deep within You. This creates a jungle where Your True Priorities like Relationships, Health & Business struggle to see the Light of Day. It’s time to breakthrough and nurture Your roots in self confidence, self esteem, self worth, self respect and most importantly self love.

Gift #1: Your Body is Your World
Discover the 3 Sacred Keys to better Health, more Energy & much happier Relationships through in depth Body Mapping. 
Value: $97.00

Gift #2: Face to Face with Yourself
Your face tells the story of Your life. Learn how to Love Yourself in this basic Face Reading Class. 
Value: $97.00

Gift #3: Your Body is Your Business
Deep awareness brings You new perspectives. By understanding Yourself and releasing that which no longer serves… You will experience an electrifying energetic wholeness from the bedroom to the boardroom. 
Value: $150.00



FREE Gift from Johnell McCauley

Creating a healthy future for you and those you love

Johnell McCauley, a Food Psychology and Nutrition Expert, helps today's busy families take control of their health. She empowers women to create a healthy future for themselves and those they love by unraveling nutrition fact from fiction in ways that encourage immediate results and set the stage for a legacy of great health. Her company, Vitaerobics, has already helped more than 600,000 families create the healthy future that every family deserves. She invites you to join the healthy family movement.

Gift #1: The P.O.W.E.R. of Healthy Eating eBook
Quickly get your whole family eating healthier and living better while spending less time in the kitchen and more quality time with your family. A "must have" for anyone who wants to create a healthy future for themselves and those they love.

Gift #2: Unleash Your Creativity and Get More Done: Big Results from Simple Actions
Supercharge your thinking, be more decisive, and get more done with the secrets revealed in this on-line seminar. Best of all, you'll have more energy and creativity to fulfill your mission, no matter what it is!

Gift #3: Complimentary Jump Start Coaching Session
Ready to create your own healthy family future? The first 17 to register will be gifted a private, one-on-one coaching session to help you create a personal success plan that fits your lifestyle.

Value: $297.00



FREE Gift from Anne Miner

Anne Miner, the founding partner of The Dunvegan Group, first entered the field of marketing and survey research in 1974. She is the lead customer satisfaction consultant on assignments focused in the Business-to-business arena, across virtually all product and service categories, from financial services, to industrial cleaning products to transportation. Anne is respected for her ability to work closely with her clients’ teams to identify the issues to be investigated, focus on what is actionable, and develop creative solutions.

Gift #1: A FREE Platinum Rule® Assessment + 1-hour coaching session with Anne, for the first 5 registrants! Identify your behavioral profile and learn how to adapt to others. This package will teach you how to quickly build rapport and mutual trust with your customers for increased customer retention and customer satisfaction. 
$250.00 Value

Gift #2: An invitation to the live, “Achieving Success with The Platinum Rule®” webinar! Learn how to apply the Platinum Rule® in your everyday life to create more productive relationships and improve communication. Anne will walk you through how to identify the profiles of others, how to adapt your own style to help you communicate more effectively, build strong relationships and achieve success in all aspects of your life!
$150.00 Value

Gift #3: Instant access to Anne’s 12 podcast recordings on growing your business and achieving success! Each session tackles one aspect of business management to help you grow and retain business.
$50.00 Value



FREE Gift from Rochelle Togo-Figa

Achieving Breakthrough Results in all Areas of Life!

Rochelle Togo-Figa is passionate about helping her clients achieve breakthroughs in their businesses and in their lives. After surviving breast cancer, Rochelle turned her recovery from cancer into a positive life-altering experience that transformed her life forever. She combines her healing journey from cancer with her sales expertise, teaching her clients how they can go beyond what’s predictable to achieve breakthrough results in their businesses and lives.
As a Sales Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, Rochelle shows her clients how to achieve financial success, so they thrive in all areas of their lives.

Gift #1: The Sure-Fire Formula to Exploding Your Sales
During this 60-minute tele-seminar Rochelle will teach you rich-in-content sales, marketing and mindset strategies to quickly increase your sales, attract more clients, and make more money.
Value: $97.00

Gift #2: The Best of the Breakthrough Collection
A collection of the best sales, marketing, and mindset articles written by Rochelle to help you take a quantum leap in your business.
Value: $87.00

Gift #3: Complimentary Coaching Session
Ready to achieve breakthroughs in business and life? The first eight to register will be gifted a 30-minute coaching session. During this call we’ll eliminate the barriers to your sales success, designing a clear and concise action plan to get you immediate results.
Value: $175.00



FREE Gift from Joy Golliver

Starter Kit for Life - Putting Your Affairs in Order

Joy Golliver is the founder of Touched By Joy, Self Care for Caregivers. It’s mission is to Celebrate, Educate, Validate, and Empower caregivers around the world.

Gift #1: Insider Secrets Video: How to Put a Plan in Place - Joy Golliver is an expert in planning ahead for any challenge. Learn her insider secrets and put your Plan B in place.

Gift #2: File of Life - Don't put off organizing medical information and individual identity records for your family. Joy offers you her quick and easy emergency tool for easy access during any life emergency.

Gift #3: Three C’s for a Successful Marriage - Joy had a deep, meaningful and successful marriage for over 54 years. Read this letter Joy wrote for her grandchildren to read on the eve of their wedding about how to succeed in this special union.

Gift #4: Second Half of Life - Tips, tools, and resources from a collection of experts on sibling communication, aging with grace, dating over 40, financial clarity, and more.

Gift #5: Self-Care for Caregivers: 30 Tips to Make Your Life Easier - This is an essential tool for caring for a parent, spouse, or child. Learn how Joy stayed healthy by creating a business model approach for Self Care.

Bonus! Webinar on Putting Your Affairs in Order Before It’s Too Late - Discover 10 “must-haves” for your toolkit for life.

Total Value: $277.00



FREE Gift from Kelley Edelblut

Through her two companies, Pathways to the Future, Career and Life Coaching and K2A Talent Management company, Kelley Edelblut is a Certified Career Coach, Highlands Ability Battery Affiliate and Collaborative Divorce Coach.

Kelley's passion is to work with groups and individuals to support them towards a more balanced and rewarding life. After almost 20 years in business development and marketing, Kelley found herself in a major mid-life transition where she realized it was time to plunge into the career that had always been waiting for her... one that coaches others in both career and life transitioning with the exploration of personal freedom.

Gift #1: Kelley’s “7 Components Necessary for Career Satisfaction and Success” Teleseminar – Get introduced to the 7 necessary components for career planning and assessment, whether for personal use or as training for your clients.

Gift #2: “Priority Me” eBook – Learn these simple, powerful tools to gain validation and support in being calm, collected, and loved. These 5-minute daily exercises will give you focus for your relationships and self.

Gift #3: “My Time Is Your Time” – Get a 30-minute complimentary coaching session with Kelley (for the first 3 to register)!

Value: $297.00



FREE Gift from Lisa Chell

Bring Forth Your Inner Leader!

Consciously Create a Loving Relationship with Yourself Using these 4 Self-coaching Tools:

Lisa Chell is a Professional Certified Power Coach with Mind Kinetics® and is passionate about working with women who want to be the leaders of their own lives.

Lisa has always been seen as a leader by those around her yet in her past, she often felt trapped as a victim of circumstance. Through self-inquiry she gained awareness of how often she lived in blame, guilt and frustration with her spouse, kids and coworkers. Mind Kinetics® was the gift that helped her shift at the cellular level and make permanent, positive change to be the loving leader of her life.

The simple self coaching tools below are your first step to creating clarity around your values, strengths, challenges and goals drawing on the wisdom and genius of your intuitive mind.

Gift #1: “Create a Loving Relationship with Yourself” Video - Lisa guides you through a grounding exercise plus you'll learn 4 simple and powerful self-coaching exercises. Use daily for greater peace, wisdom and clarity.
Value: $97.00

Gift #2: “Mind, Body, Spirit Mastery” Teleseminar - Lisa will interview Master Power Coach® and Master Accredited coach Betska K. Burr (lovingly referred to by clients as the Guru Coach™). Join this in-depth conversation around the science/spirit connection to making permanent positive change in your life.
Value: $97.00



FREE Gift from Shaun Stephenson

The Freedom to Dream - Embrace Your Transformation

Shaun Stephenson Ph.d., candidate graduating 2013, is an inspirational speaker, author and transformational expert. She understands the challenges, feelings and resistance women face when they are making SHIFTS in their lives and the emotional freedom that can occur after.

Before coming to the United States, Shaun's dream of living in the U.S. seemed just like a dream. As a teenage girl in Guyana, South America, Shaun felt excitement but also sadness and fear about leaving her homeland. When she arrived in the States in 1993 all she had was the clothes on her back and a dream. Her deep faith and belief that all is possible kept her going.

Shaun serves others as a spiritual life coach and has created a monthly transformational program to help women going through transition. The program supports women to experience the life they desire through individualized support, tele-coaching classes and live workshops.

Gift #1: “The Freedom to Dream” Ebook- An inspirational manual that defines F.R.E.E.D.O.M and the meaning of DREAM. Learn what it takes to get back to your center when you go off your path!

Gift #2: "The Freedom to Dream" Video - A powerful companion to Shaun's Ebook; get 1-1 inspiration from Shaun to help you actualize your dreams.

Gift# 3: Complimentary 1-hour Teleseminar “Making Your Dreams Come True” - Get introduced to the 10 concepts necessary for living a dream-come-true life.

Value: $349.00



FREE Gift from Becky Skaggs

Becky Skaggs, known as the Mid-life Transformation Goddess, is a successful transition coach, licensed esthetician/beauty professional and a certified Dream Coach™.

She remembers looking in the mirror one morning and asking the questions she'd been avoiding, "Where did Becky go and who is this empty shell looking back at me?" Previously she thought she had it all... a successful husband, accomplished daughter, the fancy house... yet her soul was crying out for a massive change to transition into the woman she was born to be.

Becky was destined to inspire women to reclaim their power, their beauty and their dreams (and educate men how to support the women in their lives!)

Gift #1: "Reclaim Your Beauty with Super Foods" Audio 
Becky believes when you look your best, you feel your best and that helps you to BE your best. Learn the latest anti-aging secrets and how to feel energized, all with food! 

Gift #2: "The 2 Latest Beauty Super Foods + Beauty Cocktail Recipe" 
Gain knowledge of two newly touted products you can incorporate into your everyday life. Also receive a bonus beauty cocktail recipe sure to stir things up!

Gift #3: "Reclamation Proclamation" Power Video and Document
Becky wrote this document to help reclaim her power and now offers inspiration worldwide. Watch her inspiring companion video where Becky inspires you to customize this proclamation and use in your daily practice.

Value: $150.00



FREE Gift from Deanna L. Robinson

A Shift in Focus...Looking for the Good. It’s a Choice.

Deanna L. Robinson is an expert in overcoming adversity and inspires others with her message of; I Get To! A motivational speaker and author, she inspires with her hard-fought wisdom. Your life will improve as you hear and learn Deanna’s perspective that life is a gift and no matter what you face, you can overcome it!

It’s how you choose to overcome obstacles that make all of the difference!

Deanna’s own challenges include an early marriage and divorce followed by losing custody of her two sons. Later, she overcame a cerebral hemorrhage with a death-defying attitude. Her own journey taught her the power of I Get To! Based on three key principles Strength–Dignity–and Grace, Deanna’s life today is filled with joy, abundance, family and faith.

Special Gift: 12 Steps to Strength, Dignity and Grace

Deanna’s special gift of 12 Steps to Strength, Dignity and Grace will teach you how to overcome adversity with... Strength to change and move forward — Dignity to carry yourself in a positive and open manner —Grace to forgive and feel compassion.

Value: Priceless



FREE Gift from Kim Bernal-Smith

From Heart To Heart Communication; Powerful Parenting, Empowering Kids!

Kim Bernal-Smith is an Intuitive Parenting Expert and is an author, speaker, and advocate of the family/team approach. Her passion is looking into the heart and soul of parents and their children and using her intuitive behavioral analysis skills Kim helps families connect and communicate together in a way that previously was impossible. After working with Kim, children feel heard and understood and parents realize the true experience of why they had children in the first place. 

Gift #1: E-Book, 62 Powerful Parenting Tips to Empowering your Kids
Value: $97.00

Gift #2: Successful Parenting Summit Video Series 
Nine Top Experts share their powerful secrets to raising healthy, happy kids in today's world.
Value: $197.00 

Gift #3: Kim’s Complementary Discovery Session 
Are you ready to have an authentic, compassionate conversation with a consummate professional? Uncover what is stopping you from stepping up and moving forward. 
Value: $397.00



FREE Gift from Connie Hertz

Inspiring others to Live in JOY!

Connie Hertz is a successful entrepreneur, former oncology nurse, an anti-aging specialist and certified Dream Coach. Connie's life journey brought her toward a very important commitment: Help others live a life of joy and the life of their dreams.

Connie vividly remembers feeling stuck and out of place as she lived with her drug-addicted husband and the many emotions that come with that. She spent several years living with low self esteem and ultimately moving through the destruction of their marriage. This time in her life was not wasted as it gave her the immense set of tools she now uses to guide others to find their purpose, power and their passions. Connie now lives a healthy, joy-filled life and she inspires others to do the same.

Learn and apply Connie's 4 steps to getting unstuck, so you too can live the life of your dreams. 

Gift #1: The first 10 to register will be offered a free 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Connie. "You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water." ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Gift #2: A video presentation where Connie teaches you 4 steps to step out of that stuck and lost feeling. Learn her powerful technique "M.O.V.E." which helps you to move closer to living the life of your dreams! 

Value: $150.00



FREE Gift from Julie Thomas

Improve your sales skills!

Julie Thomas is a world-class sales professional and the ValueSelling Framework has contributed to the success of thousands of sales professionals across the globe. Effectively engaging clients and customers can be the difference between success and failure in sales. Many entrepreneurs are in business because of their competence and passion for their products and services.

ValueSelling Associates invites you to both diagnose your sales competencies and begin your transformation to a stellar sales executive. To begin, consider this powerful gift from Julie Thomas.

Gift 1: Assess your sales skills - You will be enrolled in an online self-assessment of your current sales skills with an online sales skills assessment.
Value: $129.00

Gift 2: Build your sales skills - Based the results of your personalized self-assessment, you will be enrolled in one of the ValueSelling Essentials elearning programs. To learn more about the library of elearning courses: http://www.valueselling.com/our-solutions/valueselling-essentials.html
Value: $129.00

Gift 3: One Hour Coaching Session - Want to accelerate your sales performance immediately? For the first 10 individuals who take advantage of the gift, you will be offered a one hour, complimentary coaching call with Julie Thomas. Julie can review opportunities, discuss ways to accelerate and close business; providing you with deep insight and tactics to improve your sales immediately!
Value: $375.00



FREE Gift from Francie Kane

Does the idea of making COLD CALLS leave you as frozen as an ice cube?

Learn how to “De-Ice” the phone from DPhone Queen herself, Francie Kane. Having logged over 10,000 hours on the telephone, Francie has more than a few tips on how to use the telephone effectively to convert cold prospects into warm customers. Francie has trained her clients to overcome fear and bring in over 1 million dollars in sales, and she can teach you the same successful principals!

Gift #1: Francie's “How to De-Ice the Phone” video - The telephone is a natural bridge for getting to know your prospect. This powerful tool will give you practical tips to feel comfortable and conversational on the phone plus learn how to maneuver objections and get more YES's!

Gift #2: A complimentary invite to Francie's 1-hour webinar, "Dialing to Dollars!" - Learn 5 steps to move through the sales process and get the results you want on this live webinar. It's time to become efficient at this part of your business and close more deals. Let Francie show you the path to phone success!

Value: $197.00



FREE Gift from Shelley Oglan

X-Celerate Your Ability to Overcome Adversity!

Shelley Oglan is a successful entrepreneur, certified personal and professional development coach, PeopleMap™ trainer and speaker. She has transformed adversity into triumph in her life. Shelley is genuinely passionate and committed to X-Celerating others in their own journey of personal or professional transformation.

It’s not the circumstance itself that matters; it’s how we handle it that defines the difference. Let Shelley teach you simple, straightforward concepts, tools and skills that can be applied in all areas of life to transform ordinary communication into extraordinary results.

Gift #1: 24-page PeopleMap™ Questionnaire (1 awarded) – Based on your PeopleMap™ with a built-in workbook provides interpretations of each of the personality types, strengths, Achilles Heel(s), and areas of growth as well as how to communicate effectively with each type. 
Value: $39.00

Gift #2: PeopleMap™ 16-page Professional Development Report (1 awarded) –This in-depth analysis includes your specific skills addressing issues of conflict, leadership, and how to work effectively with others. This is a must for anyone who is leading others and seeking to improve at work and at home. 
Value: $129.00

Gift #3: Gold Edition 24-page PeopleMap™ Questionnaire, Workbook, and a 175-page book, Understanding Yourself and Others written by the founder of the PeopleMap™ System, Dr. E. Michael Lillibridge (1 awarded). A complete do-it-yourself approach to transforming ordinary communication into extraordinary results. 
Value: $249.00



FREE Gift from Lorelei Kraft

The Power to Rock Your World

Lorelei went from a two-room school in a poor rural town to the cover of national business magazines. While only 1.8% of women businesses ever reach a million in revenues, she created two multi-million dollar businesses, while also being a single mom.

Lorelei’s “Keys to Business Success” are straightforward. She helps you to make simple shifts in how you see things - shifts which show immediate results. It was using her strategies that brought her to being the Minnesota Woman Business Owner of the Year, Recipient of the Governor’s Entrepreneurship Award, and winner of the National Association of Women Business Owners Vision Award - despite having no training in the businesses she started.

Lorelei also has unique “Keys to Parenting Success.” What parent doesn’t deal with the stress of raising kids? Lorelei shows you how she dumped the guilt of not being a perfect mom--while keeping her sanity and humor!

Value: $497.00



FREE Gift from Susan Carson

Find Success in Your Own DNA!

Susan Carson, Ph.D. is an educator, coach, speaker and foremost, a scientist. As the founder of “SMART Leadership Coaching”, she focuses on assisting the scientific and technically minded professionals attain the results they want. By spotlighting the key skills – including leadership, and communication skills, she empowers professionals to go from being “knowledge peddlers” to successful people of influence. Dr. Carson’s focus throughout is to assist them in becoming the Catalyst for the Results they want using their own DNA! So that you can learn more about how Dr. Carson can help you, she has provided three gifts.

Gift #1: Video
Learn how Dr. Carson works with scientific/technical professionals to transform themselves from “Knowledge Peddlers” to successful people of influence. Learn the traps of being labeled a “knowledge peddler” and how to break through and be the influential expert that you are.
Value: $97.00

Gift #2: Ebook
Read the special report that reveals the eight insider secrets on how to leverage your expertise.
Value: $125.00

Gift #3: Strategy Session
Schedule your personal 1 hour Catalyst Strategy Call and receive a prescription for how you can achieve the results you want.
Value: $275.00



FREE Gift from Debbie Seid

Debbie Seid, President & Founder of The Possibilities Group, is an executive and life coach with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Masters of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

From an early age, Debbie has been a keen observer of human behavior and passionate around understanding what creates happiness and success for people and what creates isolation and suffering. Debbie has authored numerous articles, models and exercises in her field and her most recent is The Ladder of Life Assessment (LOLA). The Ladder of Life™ is a simple but powerful model that incorporates the essence of Debbie’s work to date...

Bonus Gift: Take the Ladder of Life Assessment and receive your personalized Ladder of Life™ profile. 

Find out:

  • How much energy you spend in the “Muck”(Fighting What is)

  • How much energy you spend in “Awareness” (Seeing What is)

  • How much energy you spend in “Acceptance” (Accepting What is)

  • How much energy you spend in “Love” (Loving What is)

You will also receive a 10-page report describing the Ladder of Life™ and helping you uncover the secrets for climbing your way to the top – where the possibilities for success and happiness are endless!

Value: $150.00



FREE Gift from Sicily King

Sicily King is devoted to inspiring and mentoring women to recommit to themselves. She helps support them to design a style of living that liberates their innate (yet sometimes hidden) power, resulting in living their art. Her credo says it all, “Great design, a life or a physical space, is infused with an aesthetic and soulful energetic balance, a bold point of view, a little of the unexpected and always exceptional choices.”

Sicily obtained a Master's degree in Metaphysical Science specializing in Holistic Life Coaching, trained in energy psychology and has a background in interior design and sales. She has an innovative approach to utilizing the depth of her experiences to move you forward in designing a life that motivates you to reach higher and wider than you ever thought possible.

Gift #1: Make Life POP-Powering On Prosperity - This audio training will teach you the levels you need to align with to powerize your life and your prosperity. You'll also have access to the Make Life POP checklist to bring awareness to blocks to your prosperity.

Gift #2: 10-Days to Design a Life You Love from Soul Code to Zip Code - With this 10-day program, Sicily will mentor offering inspiration and activities to move you into awareness, clarity and creativity poised to design your unique life.

Gift #3: Complimentary Holistic Lifestyle Design Coaching Session - For the first 5 people who register 

Value: $350.00



FREE Gift from Amber Ludwig

Amber Ludwig is an online platform development expert who supports authors, speakers and entrepreneurs to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. She has worked with more than 400 authors on six continents.

Working one-on-one with each client, Amber has created more than 150 websites. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it.

Gift #1: Share My Message! 7 Key Steps to Social Media Integration
In this 23-page training guide, learn the tools Amber uses to gain a solid following on social networks. Also learn how to effectively brand and execute Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Value: $47.00

Gift #2: A 4-Video WordPress & Search Engine Optimization Training Series
Amber LOVES to teach clients how to take control of their website and get real results online. With more than 90 minutes of training, learn how to manage your WordPress website plus gain valuable SEO knowledge to boost your search engine rankings!
Value: $197.00

Gift #3: A Professionally Branded Facebook Timeline Cover for Your Business
For the first 2 to register, Amber will design a beautiful 850x315px banner graphic for your company Facebook page.
Value: $194.00

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